Web Developer

I'm a Colorado based web developer who wants to build cool software.

I have 4 years of commercial experience in sound design for interactive media. I've had the pleasure of working with the folks at Sphero and Bolder Games on some great projects.

I'm an introvert with a passion for learning, helping the world learn, and the technology that makes it all possible. I care deeply about the environment, social justice, and animal welfare.

I've worked remotely with development teams large and small. I've spent years tutoring English as a second language to adults. I have a degree in linguistics. It's safe to say that I see communication as the fabric of reality.

A few of my favorite things: Reactive programming, my heavily customized programming setup, dogs, photography, music


A heatmap made in D3js displaying variations in global temperatures over time.



A couple of scatterplots made in D3js that show the top grossing movings and the highest return on investment per genre.



A chart made in D3js showing the difference between the increase in productivity versus the increase in wages over the last 50 years.


Quote Generator

Press the button to get a new quote selected randomly from a treasure chest of wisdom!

jQuery, Bootstrap, Handlebars

Forecast App

Get the weather in your location, along with a 7 day forecast.

RxJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Handlebars

TwitchTV Viewer

Monitor the current online state of your favorite Twitch.tv streamers. Combines observable streams from various sources.

RxJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Handlebars

Force Directed Graph

A semi-interactive, force-directed graph made in D3js showing the countries of the world as connected by land borders


Recipe Box

Create and view recipes. Store them in your browser!

React, Redux, Bootstrap, jQuery

Wikipedia Viewer

Search Wikipedia and get links to articles. A simple application of observable streams.

RxJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Handlebars

Timestamp Microservice

A simple API that transforms natural language time strings into Unix epoch format, and visa-versa.

NodeJS, ExpressJS

Request Header Parser

Send a GET request to receive request header metadata in JSON format.

NodeJS, ExpressJS

URL Shortener

Send a URL to receive a unique, shortened link. Send the link to be sent to the original location.

NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, Mongoose

File Metadata Microservice

Upload a file to receive the filesize.

NodeJS, ExpressJS

Markdown Previewer

Write in Github-flavored Markdown and see a real time preview of the result. Includes syntax highlighting!

React, jQuery, Bootstrap

Image Search Abstraction Layer

An API that abstracts Flickr searchers into more terse GET requests.

NodeJS, ExpressJS

freeCodeCamp Leaderboard

See who's leading the freeCodeCamp community in points, either by completing challenges or helping out in the chat!

React, jQuery, Bootstrap

Game of Life

An implementation of Conway's Game of Life.

React, jQuery, Bootstrap

Meteorite Strike Map

A map of meteorite strikes around the world, with their imapct sizes visualized.


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